Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ACEP Forms New Foundation

The Board of Directors of the American College of Emergency Physicians voted at the last Board meeting to create a new foundation. The American College of Emergency Physicians Foundation will exist to engage the public in education and advocacy.

The mission of the American College of Emergency Physicians Foundation is to engage the public, through education and advocacy, in efforts to mobilize support for patients' access to high quality emergency medical care, injury prevention, and emergency medical disaster preparedness.

The new foundation will interface with public entities that may wish to donate to emergency medicine, but are unable to do so because of ACEP’s 501(c)6 status. In the past, ACEP has had to decline companies that wished to contribute to the mission of the college. Now another avenue of participation has been opened.

The new foundation in no way interferes with the functionality of the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF), whose primary focus is research in emergency medicine. EMF will continue to seek support solely from individuals. (Now would be a good time to pull out your checkbook or credit card and make that much-needed donation.)

I’ll be back with more details as this story develops…………

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