Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Greetings from San Diego!

Today’s Gardner’s Gate comes to you from sunny San Diego, where ACEP’s Spring Congress has just begun. The first item on my agenda today was to attend a meeting of the Emergency Medicine Foundation’s Corporate Advisory Council. President-Elect Linda Lawrence, MD, FACEP and Emergency Medicine Foundation Chair Sandy Schneider, MD, FACEP welcomed a group of emergency colleagues, representatives of specialty organizations, and representatives of various corporations interested in advancing emergency medicine research.

Some of the distinguished participants included:

American Heart Association/American Stroke Association
Wendy Segrest, MS
Current Medical Directions
William Jochimesen, consultant
Edwards Lifesciences
Jan M. Headley, RN, BS
Emergency Nurses Association
Pamela Block
Foundation for Education and Research in Neurological Emergencies
Edward P. Sloan, MD, FACEP
GE Healthcare
Susan McGilvray
Michael Ingram
Joseph Nalepa
PDL BioPharma
Jade Cantor
Candace Howell
Poseidon Group
Carr Scott
Lori Schoonover, Pharm.D.
Scott Garrett
Randy St. Laurent
Dr. Roger Mills
Russ Cox
USA Mobility
Dan Brosey
Jim England
William Ball
*Unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict

Other emergency physicians participating in the meeting were Christian A. Tomaszewski, MD, FACEP (Educational Meetings) and Bradley A Zlotnick, MD, FACEP (faculty).

The day was spent reviewing the current landscape in emergency medicine and exploring ways to cooperate/collaborate in promoting emergency medicine research. The meeting produced a lively exchange of ideas and possibilities for emergency medicine research and education. Thank you to all the participants for their contributions to this successful event.

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