Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some comments I've had on the blog......

The way this blog is structured, comments and feedback are not immediately obvious. To find them, one must read the fine print and click on the comment beneath the original post. Here are a few of the recent comments I've received:

Original Post: Super Doctor Scam:

Brian Zachariah said...
I'm flattered to be considered a Super Doc by a true Super Doc and Super EM Leader such as you.
12:08 PM

Anonymous said...
What a ruse. If I were having surgery I sure would want to try to get the best experienced surgipath, as well as have the more experienced radiologist read my films or put in my coils. Choosing, indeed!
4:04 PM

Original Post: Do nonemergent patients make others wait?

Anonymous said...
The other thing is do we really want "all critical care, all the time"? If it weren't for the occasional "fast tracky" type case giving me some relief from those in extremis I know I'd be A LOT higher strung.
8:03 PM

Original Post: Insight from an Ethiopian cab driver

Val Jones, MD said...
Dear Dr. Gardner - welcome to the blogosphere! I heard about your blog from Grunt Doc and Kevin MD. I look forward to reading your posts. This one about the Ethiopian cab driver was quite near and dear to my heart (I live in DC and I don't have a car). Her perspective is sad - but rings true. I'm the Senior Medical Director at Revolution Health and we want to do all we can to educate consumers, and empower them with a sort of AAA service to navigate the system. Would love to think through the issues with you and ACEP... Warm Regards, Val
10:40 AM

DA said...
Hello! as a hungarian reader of your blog, may I point out, that this taxi driver drives her cab in Washington DC, not Addis Abeba. And of course this doesnt give the right to be content of what you have achieved, but at least Americans are trying.
2:58 AM

Original Post: ICE

Natalie said...
Ang,Great advice!! This actually would come in handy to locate next of kin upon a patient's death. I received a call from police about a friend of mine because my number was one of the last called. They were looking for a relative. Thanks!!
2:58 PM

Original Post: The Science of Change

Anonymous said...
This is very compelling. Quitting smoking is an overwhelming job and I've been counting cigarettes and kicking myself for three weeks now. But this has the air of a good and useful tool to incorporate into my bag of tricks. Especially the Blue Bell vanilla ice cream part. Thank you - I'll let you know how I make out.
9:35 AM

Angela Gardner, MD, FACEP said...
Best of luck with your goal. Keep me posted.

These are some of the comments I've had. As I said, if you want to look for comments, go to the bottom of the post and check for comments. Click on the link, and read them for yourself.

Have a wonderful Easter!
Gardner at the Gate
10:37 AM

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