Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greetings from Chicago

I’m here in Chicago for the next four days to attend the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine meeting. This month marks the one year anniversary of my admission to the Ivory Tower of Academia, so I think it fitting that I mark the occasion with this opportunity to observe the lives of “real” academics. I was hoping to go unnoticed at this meeting and objectively observe (and report, naturally) the course of the meeting.

So much for good intentions. I ran into Dr. Matt Walsh, former Chair of EM at Texas Tech El Paso, at registration. He invited me to go to dinner with him and Dr Brian Nelson, also former Chair of EM at Texas Tech El Paso ……and my residency director…… and long-time mentor. I arrived at dinner to find a whole table of rowdy Texans, and all plans for anonymity were trashed.

In spite of a sudden change of plan, today has been great. The meeting is well-attended and well-executed. The Executive Committee of ACEP had the opportunity to meet with the EMRA (Emergency Medicine Resident’s Association) Board at noon. We met with the ABEM (American Board of Emergency Medicine) Board this afternoon. We have more meetings with various groups of emergency physicians still to come. It is exciting to be in the midst of such intelligent, thoughtful and dedicated professionals.

More details in the days to come…………

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