Friday, October 05, 2007

Greetings from Seattle

For me, Scientific Assembly 2007 began yesterday in Seattle, and will continue for the next week. I arrived to find that the temperature was a cool 54 degrees. I smiled all the way to hotel because the last 62 days in Galveston have topped 90 degrees. I arrived at the Seattle Sheraton on Sixth Avenue just as Kool and the Gang completed a concert there to celebrate the opening of a new section of the hotel. I was just a little disappointed to find out that the lights, the red carpet, and the media were not for Brian Keaton ,our current president, or Linda Lawrence, our president-elect.

In any case, the day begins early today. The Board of Directors will meet at 7:30 this morning, and will continue until 5:00 this afternoon. The Council Steering Committee meets this evening to discuss the Council meeting that starts tomorrow. There is an orientation/training session for the Councilors, followed by a reception that gives new Councilors a chance to meet experienced (you thought I was going to say “old,” didn’t you?) Councilors.

At any rate, I’ll be using this post for the next week to keep reader’s abreast with the unfolding events at Scientific Assembly. Have to go now to rehearse the Treasurer’s Report one more time…..don’t want to trip on my numbers!

Be safe.

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