Friday, November 09, 2007

Board Considers Strategic Plan

The American College of Emergency Physicians Board of Directors spent their second full day in retreat mode today. The Board’s main item of business today was the development of the Strategic Plan for 2008-2009. The sessions involved small group brainstorming sessions and large group activities. The Priority Objectives identified for the coming year involve these main intentions:

1.) Ensure access to emergency medical care
2.) Promote quality care and patient safety
3.) Work to eliminate crowding and boarding
4.) Achieve meaningful medical liability reform
5.) Promote fair and equitable reimbursement
6.) Promote emergency medical preparedness for disasters
7.) Strengthen organizational vitality

Innovative as well as traditional strategies were discussed. Over the next few months, strategies and tactics will be added to the Strategic Plan, and it will be finalized.

The Board concluded its business day by meeting with the members of the Hawaii Chapter to discuss the issues important to the chapter. They had concerns about liability reform and the development of a trauma system on the island.

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