Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Thank you to Dr. David Kramer and Dr. Michael Borhn for hosting me in York, Pennsylvania today. I gave a presentation entitled “Tort Reform – Does It Work?” to the emergency medicine residents, the emergency medicine faculty, and some very important representatives of the hospital’s risk management team. It was a highly interactive and energetic session, and I appreciate the interest shown by the residents.

[And just so you know, I believe that the 7,000 new physicians that are now practicing in Texas as a direct result of the 2003 reforms are ample evidence that tort reform does work – it improves patient access to healthcare.]

I was able to spend another hour with the residents discussing the various initiatives of ACEP, and answering some challenging questions about the fellowship issue. I stayed for their case presentations, learning a lot about calcium channel blocker and long-acting beta blocker overdose. I then had the great privilege of participating in Dr. Bohrn’s lightning fast question-and-answer case reviews.

I learned a lot, I hope they learned a lot, and the visit was fun for everyone. Thank you to all for the invitation and for your gracious hospitality.

.........and congratulations, Mike!

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