Friday, May 22, 2009

Tap Water Medicine?

"Tap Water Healthcare" is a term coined by Dr. Arthur Kellerman, MD, FACEP, Professor and Associate Dean for Health Policy, Emory School of Medicine.  It is the concept of a basic health plan that is the equivalent of community tap water.  The goal of community water treatment plants is to provide safe drinking water for the entire community.  In recent years, many have decried the taste of mass purified water, the low standards for solutes, and the lack of easy portability.  For these reasons, many people prefer to purchase bottled water.  Some even prefer fancy bottled waters from "natural" springs, from foreign countries, or with special additives like flavor or bubbles.  

     As the debate over health care proceeds, is it possible to develop basic health coverage that resembles tap water - available, inexpensive, and safe?

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