Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Council Steering Committee Convenes

Dr. Arlo Weltge, MD, MPH, FACEP convenes the ACEP 2010 Steering Committee today at headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Weltge, who serves as the Council Speaker, is from Houston, Texas. He is assisted by Council Vice-Speaker Dr. Marco Coppola, DO, FACEP, who practices in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Steering Committee reviews the results of the Council Meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts in October 2009 and makes recommendations to improve future Council deliberations. In addition, the Speaker, Vice-Speaker and Steering Committee supervise the election process for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The members of the 2010 Council Steering Committee are:

Dr. Ashley Booth Norse, MD, FACEP

Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Stephen A.D. Grant, MD, FACEP

Aiken, South Carolina

Dr. Theresa Gunnarson, MD, FACEP

Orr, Minnesota

Dr. Kenneth L. Holbert, MD, FACEP

Smyrna, Tennessee

Dr. Kaedrea Jackson, MD, MPH

Brooklyn, New York

Dr. David P. John, MD, FACEP

Dorchester, Massachusetts

Dr. Terry Kowalenko, MD, FACEP

Brighton, Michigan

Dr. Eric E. Maur, MD

Danville, Pennsylvania

Dr. John G. McManus, MD, FACEP

San Antonio, Texas

Dr. William J. Meggs, MD, FACEP

Greenville, North Carolina

Dr. Abhishek Mehrotra, MD, FACEP

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. John J. Rogers, MD, FACEP

Macon, Georgia

Dr. Peter E. Sokolove, MD, FACEP

Sacramento, California

Dr. Christopher S. Weaver, MD, FACEP

Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Jennifer L. Wiler, MD, MBA

St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. James Williams, DO, FACEP

San Antonio, Texas

The American College of Emergency Physicians 2010 Council will have 1429 Councilors from across the nation, who will meet to discuss the issues facing emergency medicine and recommend policy to the Board of Directors. That meeting will take place September 26 – 27, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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