Monday, April 05, 2010

EMF Announces Medical Director of the Year

Blue Jay Consulting and the Emergency Medicine Foundation announced today that Dr. Rex G. Mathew of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia, PA, has been named Emergency Department Director of the Year and honored three additional finalists for the award. 
 “We are proud to announce that Dr. Rex Mathew was selected as the Emergency Department Director of the Year,” said Mark J. Feinberg, Managing Partner, Blue Jay Consulting.  “We received numerous, very impressive nominations and are pleased to honor Dr. Mathew and the finalists for their contributions to their discipline. They labored tirelessly to improve processes, demonstrated a superior level of expertise, and worked with their team to enhance patient care.  We look forward to seeing these doctors fulfill their limitless potentials as they continue to provide patients and the hospitals they serve with the utmost efficiency, clinical standards, education and community service.”
This new annual award created by Blue Jay Consulting recognizes current emergency department physician leaders who made significant impacts on improving the operations of his/her departments, resulting in improvements in the quality of patient care. The award winner and finalists were chosen from nearly 80 nominations from across the country, including some overseas, by a selection panel composed of appointees from Blue Jay Consulting and the Emergency Medicine Foundation.
The winner and finalists demonstrated significant contributions to their emergency department in the following categories: quality patient care, operational effectiveness, education, and community service. They demonstrated collaborative relationships with nursing and ancillary departments to implement and improve operational and clinical standards based on evidence-based practice. They also stood out for their abilities to create and sustain high degrees of patient satisfaction, while implementing creative and innovative strategies to address emergency department throughput.
Linda Lawrence, MD, FACEP, EMF board member, will honor the winner on April 26, 2010, at the American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Department Director’s Academy, Phase II.
This year’s winner, Rex G. Mathew, MD, FACEP, is vice president of emergency medicine clinical operations at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Mathew displayed his leadership abilities, combined with his clinical knowledge, to work with leaders throughout the hospital to improve care in the emergency department.  He fulfills a unique roll for the department and the hospital as both an administrator and a practicing physician. Having his “feet in both doors” has enabled him to make a positive impact on his patients and fellow clinicians. In addition, Dr. Mathew was instrumental in developing many quality improvement projects including the newly accredited Thomas Jefferson Chest Pain Center.
“The emergency department director not only sets the tone and direction for the emergency department, but serves as the point person to satisfy patient’s needs and provide safe, quality care,” said EMF Chair, Alexander Rosenau, DO, FACEP. “Because the emergency department serves as the safety net for our community, emergency directors’ roles are invaluable and a service that the community needs 24/7.  We are pleased to honor Dr. Mathew as he demonstrates that emergency medicine is a team sport and provides the quality care that patients come to expect.” 
The two organizations applauded this year’s finalists who are listed alphabetically:
Patrick J. Crocker, DO, MS, FACEP, is the chief, of emergency medicine at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas in Austin, TX. Dr. Crocker was instrumental in working across disciplines to create the Comfort Zone Program, which addresses the comfort, anxiety and pain perception of patients. In addition, he worked closely with emergency nursing leadership to adopt high standards of professional performance and conduct.
William Dalsey, MD, MBA, FACEP, is the chairman of the department of emergency medicine at Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood, NJ.  Dr. Dalsey’s collaborative approach to patient care earned Kimball Medical Center top honors for the last five years in patient satisfaction scores by Press Ganey. In addition, Dr. Dalsey and the nurse manager transformed emergency operational efficiency to reduce door-to-doctor times, as well as overall throughput while never compromising quality. His “no wait ED’’ was one of the first of its kind.
Paul Ernest Pepe, MD, MPH, FACEP, is the chief of emergency services at Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Pepe’s strong team philosophy stood out in his application.  Both he and Jennifer Sharpe, RN, director of nursing, were recognized because they epitomize the work ethic and philosophical temperament that guaranteed the tremendously successful journey to better patient care and enhanced community service at one of the most visible emergency care centers.  Dr. Pepe is an award-winning physician who serves as an inspirational mentor.

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